(SWE) Marten Andersson

Marten Andersson (SWE)

Rezultat iskanja slik za MARTEN ANDERSSONMårten Andersson, also know as "The Swede" is an two times award winning swedish stand-up comedian who is one of the top comedians in his country and is a regular on TV, radio and has done several critically acclaimed solo shows.

After 16 years as a swedish comic he has now started to make himself a name as a comedian even outside the land of the Vikings, doing gigs all over the world. Expect the unexpected

 Rezultat iskanja slik za MARTEN ANDERSSON 



Mårten Andersson is 41 years old and was born in Stockholm. He is mainly comedians but also show host and entrepreneur. Marten has worked half his life in the Swedish media and entertainment. In the 90s he worked as ZTV in the famous ZTV years that nurtured stars such as Henry Schyffert, Kristian Luuk, Erik Haag and many others. Parallel to the TV job, he worked as a reporter at Radio Sport. At age 25, he struck out as a comedian in the cult and the Grammy-nominated P3 program "Pippi Roll" where he made imitations of, among others, Dr. Alban and Mikael Persbrandt.

Marten debuted as a stand-up comedian in 2000 and is today one of the country's most popular and most requested stand-up comedian.

In 2004 he founded the RAW standup club and took the club on a journey from a free club in a cramped basement in the Old Town to packed shows in the Globe and Friends Arena with Jerry Seinfeld and Eddie Izzard.

Marten has also appeared in almost every Swedish TV channel either comedian, TV host or guest. Alongside his life as a comedian, TV host and entrepreneur, he has the last fifteen years been interested in personal development and are working daily to try and inspire both himself and the world around them.

In 2015, Marten did 40 shows with his first solo performance under the surface that was hailed by critics and audiences alike and was purchased by TV4. Marten himself called the show "spritual comedy" - a performance where both laugh a lot but also feel inspired and moved.

In 2016, Marten current as both host of "Gumball 3000" in TV6 along with Dolph Lundgren and on tour in Sweden with a new solo show hubris.