Stand Up in English

Stand Up in English


You know what everybody says: when you try a Slovenian you never go back. Never heard of that saying?

Then we invite you to join us, where you will be entertained by the best of Slovenian stand up comedians.

The comedians will be performing in English. It is a unique opportunity to learn about Slovenia from the people who know it best - Slovenians. Growing up in Slovenia, Slovenian culture, dating in Slovenia and much more. Fun disguised as education, what more could you wish for?


Her formula for shaking an audience with laughter is simple, and yet remarkably successful: rather than hackneyed jokes, she relies on well-directed arrows, imagination, audacity and ingenuity, all spiced up with honesty. In short: when she is joking, Martina isn’t joking. (Suzana Tratnik)




Janez Usenik

Janez is a journalist at one of the biggest Slovenian TV stations, well-known for his humor on TV or off it. He is married and has three children, so you can imagine his life is anything but boring, and with stories from his life he makes sure you will be entertained too.